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wellness wednesdays – allowing yourself to feel

This is the first in a series of posts about self care and wellness. I’ve invited bloggers to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences about self care and wellbeing throughout the month of February. The aim is to showcase a variety of takes on self care, and some awesome bloggers!  The thoughts and ideas putContinue Reading “wellness wednesdays – allowing yourself to feel”

Blogging Goals This Month

how to set goals you can totally smash

January is traditionally the time to start anew. New year = new year’s resolutions, and this year started on a Monday, making it even more apt for a fresh start. Resolutions are great – as long as you stick to them. Trouble is most people will break their resolutions pretty soon after the buzz ofContinue Reading “how to set goals you can totally smash”


Blogger Recognition Award: Why I Blog & Tips for New Bloggers

  Woop! I’ve been nominated for a second blogger award! I love these things, it’s so nice to know that other bloggers even know I exist! Yes, that’s a low bar to set for myself but having blogger buddies makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The lovely Hebah Pervaiz nominated me, you should go checkContinue Reading “Blogger Recognition Award: Why I Blog & Tips for New Bloggers”


just 10 photos to remind you that black cats are wonderful

Black cats are beautiful, yet Cats Protection say that in 2017 alone, black cats took 13% longer to rehome than cats of any other colour. I don’t know why this is – maybe people prefer the patterns of a tabby or the colours of a calico. Maybe it’s down to age-old superstitions that black catsContinue Reading “just 10 photos to remind you that black cats are wonderful”

Blogging Life

falling for fall – 10 questions about autumn

Thanks to Hebah for tagging me in the Falling for Fall tag! I LOVE autumn, I’d say it’s one of my favourite seasons, but I swear I say that at the start of every season. Or even the slightest change in the weather. Nevertheless, right now it is my favourite and I’m having a great time doingContinue Reading “falling for fall – 10 questions about autumn”