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Easy Lentil Chilli by Marie Céline

Today you are treated to a wonderful recipe by my lovely blogging buddy Marie Céline. Check out her blog for loads of creative, insightful and wonderful things. She’e one of the loveliest and more supportive people I’ve met through blogging, so spread the love! I love the simplicity of this recipe, and with the usualContinue Reading “Easy Lentil Chilli by Marie Céline”

Autumn Blogtober Self Care

Blogtober Day 27: My Favourite Ways To Relax

Relaxation is such an important part of life, and definitely something I’ve not done enough of lately! Because I don’t get a lot of time to relax, when I do it has to be something super refreshing. I need to make sure I use the time between being busy to really recharge and give myContinue Reading “Blogtober Day 27: My Favourite Ways To Relax”

Autumn Blogtober Life

Blogtober Day 26: How I Keep My Friendships Strong

Friendships are important, and whether you have one really good friend or a dozen people you consider to be your friends it still takes effort to keep friendships strong.  I have five super duper close friends (like we’ve all seen each other naked at some point level of close haha), a few other close friends,Continue Reading “Blogtober Day 26: How I Keep My Friendships Strong”