Autumn Blogtober Self Care

Blogtober Day 27: My Favourite Ways To Relax

Relaxation is such an important part of life, and definitely something I’ve not done enough of lately! Because I don’t get a lot of time to relax, when I do it has to be something super refreshing. I need to make sure I use the time between being busy to really recharge and give myContinue Reading “Blogtober Day 27: My Favourite Ways To Relax”

Autumn Blogtober Life

Blogtober Day 26: How I Keep My Friendships Strong

Friendships are important, and whether you have one really good friend or a dozen people you consider to be your friends it still takes effort to keep friendships strong.  I have five super duper close friends (like we’ve all seen each other naked at some point level of close haha), a few other close friends,Continue Reading “Blogtober Day 26: How I Keep My Friendships Strong”

Autumn Blogtober Fitness

Blogtober Day 25: Favourite Fitness Resources

Fitness is something I’ve really got into over the past few years. I’ve never been an athletic person, and when I was younger I hated sports. Imagine your classic nerd, that was me. As a kid I was very brainy but very un-sporty. Over the years I have attempted different sports, mostly forceably in PEContinue Reading “Blogtober Day 25: Favourite Fitness Resources”