Blogtober Day 28: Fish
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Blogtober Day 28: Fish


Today’s post should be about about bloggers in my city, but there are two reasons I’m skipping it.

Number one: I’ve been shamefully bad at interacting with bloggers in my city, even though there’s a well established network of them. I follow them on Twitter, but I’ve never really interacted. There was a bunch of drama a while ago that kind of put me off, and I think I went to school with some of them and I’m not sure how I feel about that, 

Number two: I am completely pooped. My life lately has been work, study , blog, study, work. Then this weekend was my friend’s hen do, which was awesome but also tiring. We went to the Sea Life Centre in London for Sea Life After Dark. You get to go see the fishies in the evening without children running around, and drink booze while you’re doing it. It’s one of the best things ever. We also stayed in a nice hotel and got a free upgrade to a really fancy room with an incredible view of London! Hen dos are great!

So instead of writing the allotetd post, I am going to share a bunch of photos from Friday night. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 28: Fish”

  1. These are awesome photos! I know what you mean, when life consists of working and studying then blogging, there’s not much time for anything else and you have to take bulk pics when you go out! Love the fish!

  2. Sea Life After Dark sounds like a lot of fun!! Your pictures are amazing, the one with the jellyfish has me mesmerized! 😍

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