Bake Off 2018 Food This Month

Bake Along With Bake Off Week 3 – Garlic Naan Bread

Okay so in the interest of transparency I have fallen out of order ALREADY. I’ve made week three before making week two. But there is a very good reason! Week two is the green pistachio cake, and do you even KNOW how many bloomin unshelled pistachios that thing needs? 450 GRAMS. Pistachios are EXPENSIVE. SoContinue Reading “Bake Along With Bake Off Week 3 – Garlic Naan Bread”

Food Veganuary

becoming vegan: six surprising challenges

The weirdest thing just happened. There are cookies in the kitchen at work. A whole box of chocolate cookies, including my favourite – white choc chip, just sitting there waiting to be eaten. Just over a month ago them cookies would have been in my mouth before you could say “they’re for everyone!”. But todayContinue Reading “becoming vegan: six surprising challenges”


veganuary – why I’m giving up dairy for a month

I’ve been pescatarian for nearly ten years now – for anyone who doesn’t know this means I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish and dairy. Basically a vegetarian plus fish. When I was a teenager I was very attuned to political and ethical issues, but unfortunately as I’ve got older I’ve stopped beingContinue Reading “veganuary – why I’m giving up dairy for a month”