Food This Month Veganuary

veganuary – my favourite foods so far

It’s been nearly two weeks since I gave up dairy, and I’ve actually not really struggled at all. As a long-time cheese addict and crazy egg lady I thought I’d have a few cravings, but nope. Nothing. There’s so much tasty vegan food out there that I’ve not really missed anything. Eating at home, atContinue Reading “veganuary – my favourite foods so far”


veganuary – why I’m giving up dairy for a month

I’ve been pescatarian for nearly ten years now – for anyone who doesn’t know this means I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish and dairy. Basically a vegetarian plus fish. When I was a teenager I was very attuned to political and ethical issues, but unfortunately as I’ve got older I’ve stopped beingContinue Reading “veganuary – why I’m giving up dairy for a month”


how to survive your first week of Slimming World

It’s been a week since I once again darkened the doorway of a Slimming World group. The first week’s weigh-in is arguably the scariest, as the expectations are so high. I’ve seen people lose RIDICULOUS weight in their first week, but I’ve also seen people lose bugger all. You don’t know until you’re on theContinue Reading “how to survive your first week of Slimming World”