super simple halloween food ideas
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super simple halloween food ideas

super simple halloween food ideas

Halloween is a wonderful time of year. The weather is cold and crisp, you get to dress up, and you have an excuse to eat loads of tasty treats. One of my favourite things to do it making themed food, but I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew (haha). So this year I've gone hunting for the simplest but tastiest Halloween recipes on the internet (and also delved into my own Halloween party archives). 

These are the treats I'll be making this year, and hopefully not stressing about at all!

Jelly Brain

Jelly Brain - the spicy bean - super simple halloween food ideas -

This one is super simple - all you need to do is get your hands on a brain mould like the one below.

Then fill it with the jelly of your choice - it's best to use a few packets to fill the mould all the way up. Red is good for a brain, but for an even grosser effect you can mix together two colours like yellow and purple to make a swampy brown colour. Add in some jelly worms for maximum spooky effect!

bloody hand

This is about as easy as it gets! Fill a latex glove with any kind of red squash, then put it in the freezer overnight. Just make sure you don't use the powdered gloves. All you gotta do before your party is cut the glove off and plop it in a fish bowl full of your grossest halloween cocktail. And voila! You've got yourself a spooky surprise hand! 

Spooky Boo Brownies via Betty Crocker

Spooky Boo Brownies Recipe by Betty Crocker
image: Betty Crocker/General Mills

Some people think that using box mix to make brownies is cheating, but I disagree. Maybe if you're entering a brownie competition then yes, it would be. But when you're preparing for a spooktacular Halloween party, it's best to make everything as simple as possible. 

This recipe makes regular brownies real spooky with the simple addition of marshmallows and white chocolate. A definite winner!

Eerie Eyeball Pops via BBC Good Food

Eerie Eyeball Pops
image: BBC Good Food

Cake pops are one of those really simple, versatile treats, and as a bonus they already kind of look like eyeballs. All you basically need to do is squidge some cake crumbs with buttercream and decorate it. Definitely look at the recipe though, that will be far more comprehensive than my description! 

As they're a stick-it-all-in-your-mouth kind of treat, these are great for adults and kids, and make minimal mess! 

Teeth cookies via Just a Pinch Recipe Club

image: Just a Pinch Recipes

I love these because they look so good and really spooky! From looking at them you might think they take a lot of effort and fiddling about, but they don't. It's almost as simple as putting some marshmallows between two halves of a cookie! 

Easy Pumpkin Pretzels via Butter with a Side of Bread

Pumpkin Pretzels
image: Butter with a Side of Bread

I looooove pretzels. Making them into little pumpkin treats for Halloween is such a good idea! Pretzels are already the right shape, u you just gotta add the colour and the little bit of green at the top. Plus, they're the perfect size for finger food, and as they're small you can snack on a handful. 

I don't know where to find green chocolate candies, but I am totally on board with using only the green M&Ms and eating the rest 😉

Halloween Strawberries via Diary of a Dramatic

Halloween Strawberries
image: Diary of a Dramatic

This recipe appeals to me because it's the healthiest of the lot. Strawberries are such a sweet, tasty fruit and perfect for sweet treats. As a bonus, it's also vegan. Many of the recipes on this list could be made vegan with a few slight modifications, but it's nice to see a really yummy snack that's vegan from the start.

Again, it's really easy too! If you can dip strawberries, you can do this recipe. And you can be really creative with the little faces on them 🙂 

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  1. This is such great timing, I have a kids Hallowe’en party on Tuesday and I have no idea what I’m going to do. I love the jelly brain, I think that will go down so well, and those strawberries are so cute, plus it’s one of their five a day – genius! Thank you! X

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