Spring This Month

urban gardening – ideas for our city garden this spring

In this crowded world many of us live in the city with little to no outside space of our own. I’m lucky enough to have a small back garden with a paved area and lawn, which after seven years living in a first floor flat I truly appreciate. An outside space of your own shouldn’tContinue Reading “urban gardening – ideas for our city garden this spring”

Blogging Goals This Month

how to set goals you can totally smash

January is traditionally the time to start anew. New year = new year’s resolutions, and this year started on a Monday, making it even more apt for a fresh start. Resolutions are great – as long as you stick to them. Trouble is most people will break their resolutions pretty soon after the buzz ofContinue Reading “how to set goals you can totally smash”

Life Spring This Month

planning an awesome eurovision party

IT’S NEARLY EUROVISION! I am so excited! In our house Eurovision is one of the three main events of the year (the other two being Halloween and Christmas, of course). I firmly believe it should be a bank holiday. Sod the saints days, Eurovision is far more important. And that’s coming from someone whose birthdayContinue Reading “planning an awesome eurovision party”