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Blogtober Day 19: Share a #tbt

Because I am so relentlessly busy at the moment, I am going to use this for a little bit of respite from Blogtober. 

Today I am going to throwback to my old blog – the one I had for like, five years or something. I posted on it sporadically, and always about complete nonsense. For the sake of nostalgia, I’m going to go back through it and share my favourite posts with you. Here you are, a snapshot of me, but younger and bit more openly strange.

here I am again creating a blog I truthfully intend to stick to…

This was my first post on that blog, seven and a half years ago. And look, some things really do never change! I did stick with it on and off for five years so I suppose I can cut myself some slack on that one. 

A bootie for Biscuit

Once upon a time I made a little bootie for my cat because his pawsies were chilly. We still have the bootie but the cat sadly now exists only within a tiny box. 

Gatwick Airport

Just a story so stupid it’s great.


This is one of my favourite blog posts EVER. My friend came round to make fancy cocktails, actual proper ones not half a cup of vodka with some orange and mango juice. WELL, we were total chaos as people so that is not quite what happened…


In this post I ramble about fear, but almost exactly five years later I still totally agree with myself, so that’s cool.

the daily bake: Sachertorte!

I have long been a fan of baking, and used to occasionally blog about it back in the day. One time I made a Sachertorte and it was CRAZY delicious. Since then I have been to Austria and eaten proper Sachertorte in its birthplace. Mine was just as good 😉

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I am a massive fan of this story and firmly believe it should be made into a movie. One girl’s quest to find her embroidery hoop, and what she learns along the way.


This one is one of the last posts on the old blog, and it’s about getting the Mirena coil inserted. There’s something about my totally wacky writing style that I love, and it makes me feel a bit boring to be honest. This blog is so very serious in comparison. Maybe I should  jazz it up a bit. Only a bit though, I must remember that this blog is for reading, not splurging!


And here’s a few notable quotes from Younger Me:

“I have realised that I have become tired since 2009. Just Plain Tired.”  Welcome to adult life, dearest 22 year old bean.

“I might go through Scattegories and think of answers for all the categories. I’ll win every time then!”  I never did this, but still a good idea.

” That person in my plans for the future, doing all the thing I see in my future, is me.”  Yep, Past Me, it’s me, Present Me, who will also be Future Me. 

“I got home and very responsibly drank some gin, because the tonic was getting old and I didn’t want it to go to waste.” Mighty relatable seven years later. 

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4 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 19: Share a #tbt”

  1. And here I thought I was the only one who felt like their old blog was nonsense. Haha. I do love the little bootie. It’s too cute, but I’m sorry about your cat. 😦 ❤️

  2. THAT BOOTIE IS ADORABLE! Also my favorite was the ““I have realised that I have become tired since 2009. Just Plain Tired.”” 😂 that’s so funny

  3. This was such fun to read! I don’t have a previous blog, but I still have my writings from high school and college, and they’re fun (sometimes cringe-worthy) to look back on.
    I love your Scattegories idea! Genius!! 🙌🏻

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