Blogtober Day 18: Fall Outfit Inspiration
Autumn Blogging Blogtober

Blogtober Day 18: Fall Outfit Inspiration

Before I start I would like to say that fashion is really not my strong point! I tend to prioritise comfort over looking trendy, so if you’re here for real fashion tips I am truly sorry. Somebody once said to me “I like how you just wear what you want all the time”, which I chose to take as a compliment, though it does kinda show how not fashionable I am!

My outfits are pretty much the same all year round, just with more layers in the autumn/winter seasons. I’m a leggings with a dress kind of person. That way I get to be super comfy but also look kinda presentable. Leggings are the most pyjama-like trouser there is without transcending into the full pyjamas-in-public lifestyle (not that I’m against that! Just not sure my employer would approve).  

My life changed when I realised that throwing on a pair of leggings and a comfy dress was the perfect balance of comfort and being socially acceptable. No more belly-squeezing jeans or tops that ride up above the muffin top! I’ve found my thing and I swear by it now. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to write not about outfits, but about the smaller changes I make to what I wear in the Autumn. My Autumn Accessories, I suppose. These are the small and often inexpensive changes you can make to  your style rather than shaking up your whole wardrobe. 

Scarves Galore

I LOVE scarves, and boy do I have a lot of them. They’re such a perfect way to being a pop of colour to an outfit, especially if you’re like me and live in mainly dark colours. Plus they keep you warm!

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There’s something about throwing on a scarf that makes me feel a bit more put together. Most mornings I put very little thought into my outfit, in fact I cycle through the same 6 or 7 outfits constantly so adding a scarf makes all the difference. It’s a tiny bit of thought in an otherwise completely automatic task.

I also love how a scarf can be a simple way to express yourself. I have some with cats on, which is kinda my thing. I am a Cat Lady and not ashamed. Plus  you can use most scarves as blankets if you’re in a pinch!

Warm and Watertight Boots

My Doc Martens are probably my favourite shoes. As with clothes in general, I’m not much of a shoe person. Definitely into comfort over style here. In warmer, dryer weather I live in black pumps, buying them two pairs at a time from Primark every now and then. It’s got to be one of the cheapest ways to encase your feet. They don’t quite cut it when the weather is grotty though.

I was 14 when I got my first pair of Docs, and didn’t need to replace them until I was 24. And I wore the hell out of them. They went to Download Festival with me, many muddy forest walks, to gigs, on nights out…. I’m surprised they lasted so long! At £70 a pop they’re quite pricey, but it’s alright when you consider that overall that’s only £7 for every year they lasted!

My new Docs are exactly the same, I loved them that much. And once you’ve worn them in they’re like a glove for your foot. I love pairing them with pretty dresses, so I look nice but also like I’m ready to fight anyone who attempts a harassment. The perfect aesthetic in my opinion!

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Chunky Knit Cardies

OBVIOUSLY chunky knit cardies! Anyone who says they don’t love a bit of chunky knit in the autumn is a damn liar. Chunky knit cardies are one of the comfiest and snuggliest items of clothing in the world, and it’s totally normal to wear them in public! (Unlike the other most snuggliest and comfy clothe, the onesie). 

I throwing on my chunky knit when the weather is crisp and cold. It conjures images of steaming hot chocolate or a little cup of mulled cider at the market. Many of my favourite cold weather memories were forged in chunky knit. 

As a bonus, they never seem to go out of fashion! Every year I find myself unexpectedly trendy for a few months, and that’s pretty neat! I get to be one of the cool kids! Seriously, I feel at my best when wearing a chunky cardie with a nice scarf and my Doc Martens. Perfect winter ensemble, and who really cares what you’ve got on underneath?!


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9 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 18: Fall Outfit Inspiration”

  1. I dress for warmth and/or comfort so I totally get this post. I hate having a chill round my middle so I like longer tops with high waisted trousers (ok, leggings pulled up to my armpits 🤣)
    I don’t have any Doc Martens, but I would love some.

  2. I love the chunky knit cardigans! My outfit basically doesn’t change either … it’s so bad haha. I dress more for comfort than fashion but sometimes I find a happy medium :)) I love that, big fluffy scarves and knee high boots! I want to get some UGGs but those are an investment lol

  3. I used to want a pair of docs when I was younger and mom would never get them for me. She always told me that they wouldn’t match my wardrobe but I completely disagree! Def gonna look into getting some. Thanks for sharing!

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