Blogtober Day 17: Stop and Take a Breath
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Blogtober Day 17: Stop and Take a Breath

I didn’t realise how stressed out I was until last night my shopping didn’t get delivered and I completely freaked out about it. Until the past day or two I’ve been totally fine, in fact better than normal, which I suppose is why I thought doing so much stuff was a good idea. That’s just how I am I suppose, I think I can do it all until the moment I can’t and then I have to cry about it or something.

So Blogtober being one of my time-sinks at the moment, I’m gonna take it easy today and just post some pictures of our pumpkins through the years. I need time to breathe and then I’ll probably be alright again.


We started fairy normal, not yet fully grown into our strangest selves.



Our old flat and slightly lazier pumpkins. We put a bunch of effort into throwing a party that year instead. 



I don’t wan to share these ones because they’re got real naughty words carved into them!!!



Dunno what happened to 2016, I guess we were boring that year. 2017 got a bit crazier, especially my housemate on the right. Obv I’m the cat one!



Yet to be carved, but they’re gonna be awesome!!

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6 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 17: Stop and Take a Breath”

  1. I am utterly hopeless at carving pumpkins! 😂😂 I usually paint mine. Yours look fantastic, looking forward to seeing what this year’s look like when they’re done! 🎃

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