Autumn Blogging Blogtober

Blogtober Day 7: Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

Today is supposed to be about my favourite Fall products, but I don’t really have any specific ideas for that. So I’m going to write about our visit to the pumpkin patch today. It’s probably one of the most autumnal things I’ve ever  done, so it definitely fits here! In my city there’s a pick-your-ownContinue Reading “Blogtober Day 7: Visiting the Pumpkin Patch”

Autumn Blogging Blogtober

Blogtober Day 2 – Fall Bucket List

It’s already a month into autumn, but it’s never too late to set some intentions for the season. And let’s face it, it’s really only just getting going! The evenings are getting darker and the weather crisper. I’m so excited for the rest of autumn!  Autumn is my favourite season, and this year especially it’sContinue Reading “Blogtober Day 2 – Fall Bucket List”

Life Self Care wellness wednesdays

wellness wednesdays – allowing yourself to feel

This is the first in a series of posts about self care and wellness. I’ve invited bloggers to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences about self care and wellbeing throughout the month of February. The aim is to showcase a variety of takes on self care, and some awesome bloggers!  The thoughts and ideas putContinue Reading “wellness wednesdays – allowing yourself to feel”