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southampton – my hometown bucket list


Southampton has been my home my whole life. I have literally never moved away – the longest I’ve spent away from the city was three weeks when I went travelling. Yet there’s so much I’ve not done. It’s an ever-changing place, and the Southampton of my childhood looked nothing like it does today. In my lifetime West Quay opened, and more recently West Quay Watermark. The high street has had a face lift. Marks and Spencer became Primark, Woolies became TKMaxx, and BHS became Sports Direct. The Bargate centre – where all the coolest dweeb kids hung out – is now derelict. Eaststreet shopping centre is gone.

The area I grew up in has changed less. My parents moved to a nicer area, but Harefield never seemed to change much. My Junior School has been knocked down and rebuilt, and I think the local shops are now new-build flats, but Bitterne precinct where we’d go for the weekly shop never seems to change. Sainsbury’s is still there. Last time I went there the pub was still the same, but it’s been bought out by Wetherspoons now.

As a result of living in a city in a constant state of change, as many are, there are a lot of things I haven’t done. A lot of new things are popping up all the time. There are also loads of things that have been here forever that I’ve never got round to doing. Plus, a bunch of stuff I did as a child that I’d like to do again as an adult.

Not everything in the list is strictly within the city, but it’s all very easily accessible from Southampton, and most of it is within an SO postcode. I think that still counts.

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My Southampton Bucket List:

  1. Go to the Solent Sky museum – I’ve been past it hundreds of times but never been in.
  2. Visit the art gallery
  3. Walk the Southampton Walls. I’m not sure I’ve ever done this properly.
  4. Go to the new cinema in West Quay Watermark – I’ve heard loads of good stuff about it
  5. Catch the ferry across to Hythe and go on the little train up the pier.
  6. Rent bikes in the New Forest 
    new forest
  7. Get the pink ferry from Hamble to Warsash
  8. Go watch the footie at St Mary’s Stadium
  9. Play tennis in the park
  10. Take as stroll around the estate where I grew up
  11. Do the Titanic Trail
  12. Take part in a Park Run at the Common
  13. Visit Lymington
  14. Go to Marwell Zoo again – there’s a bus there in the summer to make it super easy 
  15. See a show at the Mayflower – I’ve been loads of times but it’s always good to go again
  16. Visit the Tudor House and Gardens
  17. Drink at five pubs I’ve not been to before within Southampton
  18. Go to The Talking Heads – I haven’t been to the new venue yet
  19. Go to The Frog and Frigate
  20. Visit Oasis Down to Earth Farm – it’s near where Dan used to live, and we were going to go but never did
  21. Catch the ferry across the the Isle of Wight
    isle of wight
  22. Explore the Hawthorns in the summer. We went the other day but a lot of the nature is still sleeping.
  23. Take part in a group or watch some live entertainment (or both!) at The Art House
  24. Pick strawberries at Pickwell Farm
  25. Do an exercise class across the road at Cherry’s Fitness Suite 
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I think that’s a good amount for now, I’ll post about the things I do as I tick things off the list. It’s gonna be fun exploring new things in and around a city I’ve lived in all my life. I’m always itching to get out of here and travel, but there are plenty of things to do close to home as well 🙂



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