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spring cleaning: my big to-do list for the new season

spring cleaning
Spring is a time for renewal, and for a lot of people this means giving everything a good clean to make the home beautiful and organised for the coming year. I love spring cleaning, it really helps me get rid of not just physical clutter but mental clutter. I always feel a lot more prepared for the year, and much more like a Real Adult, when I’ve had a good clear out.

Having not long moved house, this year’s list is a bit different from previous years. This one is a kind of finishing up of the moving process. It’s time to finally sort out those areas where things got shoved out of the way during the move. We have a lot of useful storage space, but right now it’s not being utilised properly at all. With five people in the house, it’s super important to get storage sorted. At the moment we have to do a lot of rummaging to find what we need, which is a pain especially since I am quite lazy. Life feels easier when everything is more organised because you spend less of it looking for things.

Now we’re all coming out of hibernation it feels like a good time to start thinking about making the house beautiful and organised. We’ll be spending less time lazing in bed and more time lazing about other areas of the house, and we’ll have people over more often now being outside the safety of the bed isn’t so daunting. I’m mostly looking forward to having bbqs and chilling in the garden. But there’s a lot to do before the house is perfect for spring and summer fun!

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The spring cleaning to-do list

  1. Mow the lawn for the first time this year
  2. Recycle the carrier bags we never use
  3. Wash my winter coats and store them ready for next winter
  4. Clean my mattress
  5. Sort through my underwear drawer and get rid of anything I don’t use anymore – pair up all the socks!
  6. Box up the cups and glasses we don’t use and put them in the loft
  7. Sort through my clothes and take any I don’t wear to the charity shop
    sort through my clothes
  8. Re-organise and clean the kitchen cupboards
  9. Tidy up the stuff under the bed and clean under there
  10. Clean the windows, inside and out
  11. Clean all the window sills
  12. Wash all the blankets and cushion covers from the living room
  13. Use the carpet washer on the hallway carpet
  14. Hoover all the hard to reach places that don’t often get done
  15. Beautify my bedroom – rearrange the shelves, re-hang decorations, put away or get rid of clutter
  16. Clear out the cupboard under the stairs, get rid of stuff or relocate it to the sheds
    under stairs
  17. Scrub the litter trays
  18. Sort through the cat treats and throw away anything they don’t like or is really old
  19. Tidy up my sewing stuff and make it more accessible so I might actually use it
  20. Organise the box next to my bed. It’s been full of random stuff since I moved house
  21. Get rid of the bags and coats/hoodies that I don’t use
  22. Throw away old shoes and clean up ones that look a bit grubby
  23. Sort out the sheds so we can keep stuff in them instead of in the house
  24. Make the garden beautiful ready for summer parties and relaxing
  25. Go through the larder and throw away old condiments and baking stuff
    clear out the larder
  26. Clean the Dysons – filters, tubes and dust containers
  27. Organise my craft stuff and take a good look at what I’ve actually got
  28. Clean my desk properly. Take everything off and give it a good polish.
  29. Throw away and cables that are a mystery. If I don’t know what they do, chances are I don’t need them.
  30. Sort out all the files on my laptop and back them up. They go back years and not a lot of it makes sense at the moment!


That ought to keep me busy for a while! I’m thinking that a big cleaning day will get a lot of it done, but it will take time. Especially the “getting rid of things” parts. I need to be in the right mood to part with my belongings, and I usually end up making more mess than I started with. I’ll have to try hard to beat that nostalgia!

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