April reflections and May goals
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April reflections and May goals


Looking back over my April goals, it’s fair to say I kinda of dropped a bollock. April was not a great month for my blog or for my general goals. I was a Lazy Bean and I’m not feeling too good about that right now, especially considering we had a bunch of bank holidays. Instead of being productive I slept. So many naps happened. Simply shocking levels of laziness.

So what did I achieve?

Life and stuff


outside furniture

Well, I got some garden furniture for my birthday, which has so far served us very well.

I planted some veg. The peas are growing but so far the tomatoes are not. I do remember to water them most days.

My birthday party was AMAZING. I should have blogged about it but alas, the laziness. One of my friends got a drunken haircut.

Canada is booked! The flights, the hostels, and two excursions are all sorted out. I really am going Whale Watching!

I just about started planning Eurovision. It was a close thing, and I only really remembered it was so soon because my friend Letti asked me about it. Can’t believe I nearly forgot one of the three main events of the year!


eurovision flags



My goal was to have 500 followers on each social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram). I ended the month with 300 on Twitter, 200 on Pinterest, and 250 on Instagram. So I was nowhere near my target. I did at least double on all platforms though, which may have been a more realistic goal.

I also wanted to post 15 times and amass 2000 pageviews. Again, not even close. 15 posts should have been realistic based on the speed I was writing in March, but April was slower so I only managed 8. I only got up to 700 pageviews, which is really disappointing actually. Blogger always resulted in much better pageviews than WordPress seems to. Maybe the way they count it is different, but it’s still quite disheartening. Must try harder in May.

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May’s goals

Well I’m going to transfer some of last month’s goals to this month because I still want to achieve these things. Hopefully May will be less disappointing on the productivity front. Must. Find. My. Mojo.

Health and Fitness

Lose 10lbs

Do a 25 minute run without stopping

Start doing yoga regularly – in the garden when it’s sunny!

Fix my bike and cycle to work more often than not

Home and Garden

Take a load of stuff to the charity shop

Clear out the under stairs cupboard

Get the filthy windows cleaned

Fun and Adventures

Do three of the things on my hometown bucket list

Have an awesome Eurovision party

Go to Brighton with Emma and have a good time

Do some cross stitch

Finish a book. Any book that can be considered a novel.


Main themes

healthy burger

Exercise and healthy eating. I want to make this a theme so that I might actually commit to it myself haha.

Eurovision!!! Recipes and party planning.

Continued from last month:

Springtime – seasonal recipes, more outside adventures

Garden – growing new plant friends, eating outside, garden parties and picnics


Double pageviews to 1400

Double following on social media.

Pay particular attention to Pinterest where I would like to reach 500 followers.

Post three blogs a week (16 in total)

Start getting ahead and schedule five future posts

Get to grips with social media scheduling


If you have any tips for motivation, please share in the comments!

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