April – goals and to do list for this month
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April – goals and to do list for this month

my goals and to do list in april
April is one of my favourite months, not just because it’s my birthday on the 23rd, but also because it’s properly springtime. March is kinda the end of the winter chill fading into warmer weather, whereas April brings even longer days and hazier nights. Of course it’s also known for showers, but I can deal with that as long as they’re not constant. There’s a lot I want to do in April. Luckily the sunnier it gets, the more productive I am. Winter is hibernation time, and spring is all about coming out of the sleepy funk of the dreary days.

This is the first year I’ve had a proper garden, so I’m extra excited for longer days and sunshine. I have SO MANY garden plans! There’s so much to be excited about! I’ve made a list and a calendar to keep myself on track with the main things I want to do in April:


Health and Fitness

Lose 10lbs

Do a 25 minute run without stopping

Start doing yoga regularly – in the garden when it’s sunny!

Walk to and from work more than half the time

Home and Garden

Plant some veg

Get some garden furniture

Take a load of stuff to the charity shop

Clear out the under stairs cupboard

Fun and adventures

Book my Canada trip

Have an AWESOME birthday

Do three of the things on my hometown bucket list

Start planning Eurovision party

Do some crafts!


Main themes

Springtime – seasonal recipes, more outside adventures

Garden – planting vegetables and flowers, eating outside, garden parties and picnics

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Party time – it’s my birthday, which I will go on about all month

Easter – it’s chocolate day on the 16th!


Reach 2000 pageviews

Have 500 followers on Insta, Pinterest, and Twitter (gonna have to work really hard for that one)

Post 15 new blog posts

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