Blogtober Day 3 – My Favourite Fall Treat
Autumn Blogging Blogtober

Blogtober Day 3 – My Favourite Fall Treat

Welcome to day three of Blogtober! Today is all about those snuggly, spicy and tasty autumn treats. 

There’s so much I love about autumn, and I sure do love a good treat, so autumn treats are obviously my favourite way to indulge. I can’t just choose one, so I’m gonna treat and choose three of my favourite ways to treat myself as the weather gets cold. 

Of course, I love lighting the first of the autumn candles, and I love all the delicious spicy foods we turn to for comfort in the dark evenings. Not forgetting the crisp autumn walks either, or the thrill of plonking back on the sofa in my nice warm house afterwards. All those things are GREAT and I seriously can’t wait to treat myself, but these three are my absolute favourite autumn treats:

Hot chocolate and marshmallows

I looooove indulgent hot chocolate because it’s like a drink and a pudding all the the same time. And because it’s *technically* a drink, you don’t need to wait until after dinner to enjoy one. 

The best way to have hot chocolate is thick and bubbly, covered in squirty cream and marshmallows. I recently bought a frother to make my shop-bought instant hot chocolate seem super indulgent – even though it’s just supermarket brand mixed with a tiny bit of milk. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive!

Paired with a chilly autumn evening, or a rainy weekend, hot chocolate has got to be one of the cosiest drinks in the world. I’ve seriously been missing it all summer, it’s just not the same on a hot day. 

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Long, hot baths after short, cold days

bath lights are pretty

When we were looking for a house to live in a couple of years ago, one of the things at the top of the essentials list was a nice bath. Not just any old bath, but a nice bath. Honestly I could not live without a decent bath to stew in from time to time.

Ordinarily I am a shower person. They’re quick and no-nonsense, and you don’t have to worry about getting weird residues in your hair if you overdo it with the body scrubs. But to truly relax and unwind, it’s a bath every time. That’s probably why I love them so much, because they are a bit of a treat. 

I always have baths with excessive amounts of bubbles, and I dig my best luxury hair and body products out from the cupboard. Bathtime is luxury, and it’s a luxury I associate with the dark evenings and cold weather of autumn. Summer baths are alright, but autumn baths are better. 

The Big Quilt

the spicy bean - a black cat lays nestled amongst a very comfy quilt

My bed is objectively the best be in the world. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. It’s a delight of quilts and pillows, and it’s SO comfy I would definitely live in it if I could. 

The main thing setting my bed apart from all the rest is the two quilts. That’s TWICE as many as the standard amount of quilts. In fact it’s more than that because one of them is a king size quilt on my double bed. I have a summer quilt and a winter quilt, which I suppose isn’t that unusual, but both live on the bed all year round. In my bed you become the filling in a quilt sandwich. 

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When it gets cold enough the small quilt goes on bottom and the Big Quilt goes on top. The biggest, snuggliest of quilts. The reason I hate getting up in the morning. It it one of the best days of the year and should seriously get its own holiday. Big Quilt Day. Everyone would party with their Big Quilts wrapped around them, hot chocolate in hand to celebrate the day the Big Quilt is promoted to the top. 

Well, one can only dream of a world where everyone has their very own Big Quilt. 

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6 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 3 – My Favourite Fall Treat”

  1. Ooohhhh…they all sound like fabulous treats! I totally want hot chocolate with marshmallows now!! Yum!

  2. Hot choco and marshmallows are 100% the best, and this makes me so sad that I don’t have a bath tub anymore to take long hot baths after freezing my butt off all day! Your cat is so adorable too, having my big big blankets with my kitty on them is definitely one of my favourite things about this time. Can’t wait to see more from your blogtober!
    Lots of love, Lavrax at x

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