Blogtober Day 7: Visiting the Pumpkin Patch
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Blogtober Day 7: Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

Today is supposed to be about my favourite Fall products, but I don’t really have any specific ideas for that. So I’m going to write about our visit to the pumpkin patch today. It’s probably one of the most autumnal things I’ve ever  done, so it definitely fits here!

In my city there’s a pick-your-own place called Pickwell Farm, and its mostly known for it’s strawberries but you can go there and pick loads of different veg depending on the season. At the moment they have strawberries, runner beans, sweetcorn, and of course pumpkins! As a house we’ve been meaning to go for ages. I think we’ve been talking about it since we moved in, someone occasionally saying “we should go to Pickwell soon!” but then nothing even happening. Well, this time I was determined.

I’ve been to Pickwell before to go to the farm shop, but until today I’d never actually picked my own fruit or veg there. The shop has expanded a lot since I last went, now selling loads of garden stuff like plants and compost, as well as veg, snacks, cakes, pies etc. Basically most things you can get at a convenience store, but better and more. 

Picking our own

On the way in we chose our containers – between us four punnets for strawberries, one for runner beans, and a wheelbarrow for the pumpkins. We definitely should have got two wheelbarrows though!

Before heading to the pumpkin patch we filled our punnets with strawberries. It felt really good searching for and picking the fruit ourselves. It took a while, but it was really enjoyable. There weren’t an awful lot of ripe strawberries, but the place is pretty popular so I suppose you do need to expect to do a bit of searching. To be honest I didn’t even know strawberries still grew this late in the year so it was a surprise to be able to get any at all. The searching is half the fun anyway, and we sure did a lot of wandering around to find the best ones!

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The Pumpkin Patch

Once we were satisfied with our strawberry haul we headed to the next field over for the main event. This field was absolutely FILLED with pumpkins. There were SO MANY PUMPKINS I’ve never seen that many before. 

It’s super hard choosing when you have so much choice! I knew I wanted two middle-sized ones for carving around Halloween, and one big one for making into tasty food. One of the two for carving is for my boyfriend so I wanted to choose an extra good one because I’m soppy like that.

After a while of stomping around in the pumpkin patch I had my three. Two middle sized ones and a big boy. Then my two friends came back from the other side of the field with white pumpkins and the news that there was a whole area for strange looking ones. Obviously I had to check that out too. I thought I’d come back with a white guy too, but my eye was caught by a green one sat on its own in the middle of a path. 

Total – four pumpkins!

They were only two pounds each, so while four pumpkins sounds a bit excessive, it didn’t exactly break the bank. They’re now safely nestled in our garden until it’s carving time. Though after going through the process of choosing my favourite ones out of hundreds, I don’t know if I have the heart to chop them up!

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5 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 7: Visiting the Pumpkin Patch”

  1. This is on my Fall Bucketlist! It looks like you got a lot of great picks from the pumpkin patch! I canโ€™t wait to go! Your post just makes me more excited for it all!

  2. I’ve never gone pumpkin picking before as my family isn’t too fond of pumpkins. We’d rather go strawberry picking! ๐Ÿ˜„

  3. Arenโ€™t pumpkin patches just the most fun?? I loved hearing about your trip, the pictures are wonderful! I absolutely love white pumpkins, Iโ€™m glad you picked a couple up! Enjoy your haul! ๐ŸŽƒ

  4. I love bringing my kids to the pumpkin patch during October! They always have so much fun picking their own pumpkin and we always get great pictures!

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