Blogtober Day 14: Twitter Friends Tag
Autumn Blogging Blogtober

Blogtober Day 14: Twitter Friends Tag

I’m super excited about this tag, because it’s been created by a Twitter chat that I’m part of and that I’ve grown very fond of. The blogging community can be so awesome, especially when you find the right people. This is the first blogger chat I’ve been in where people actually talk to each other and it honestly makes my day every day. 

Blogtober has been so much easier with these people and their blogs. Every day my DMs are flooded with brand new inspiration from their amazing posts. Gosh, I’m gushing, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve made actual friends on the internet and I’m excited!

So, let me introduce you to these wonderful people:

Definitely check out all their blogs, every single one is awesome and brings something a bit different to the table. I’ll admit that in the almost two years I’ve had this blog I’ve always meant to read more blogs, but I’ve never made the time. Now I read awesome posts from these ladies every day, and I really look forward to catching up on my lunch break or snugging into the sofa for some evening reading when I get home. I also feel like my own writing is getting better because I’m spending more time reading other blogs and learning from their writing styles too!

For now I’ll stop my gushing, here are my answers to the Twitter Friends Tag:

1. If you could only choose one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

This is so hard because food is sooooo good! I want to say pizza because at least you could probably change the toppings. But I really don’t think I could live without nachos. Or burritos. Or puddings. Uhhhhh, I’m going to go for nachos, loaded with cheese and beans and guac. That’s pretty balanced, right?!

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2. What is your favourite food to pair with cheese?

Hahaha best question ever! I refer you to the previous question… nachos!! Or, just more cheese haha

3. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I’d be a cat for sure. Everyone who knows me would agree, I should be a cat. I prefer to only be around people when I’m in the mood, otherwise I’d like to be snoozing in a cosy place. Not going to work would be coool, having someone just feeding me between my snoozing. Oh and I love having my hair stroked. 

4. If you could relive one day of your life again, what would it be and why?

I don’t think I would relive any days of my life. I’ve had a lot of really good days, but I’ve spent much of my life learning not to dwell on the past and to live in the present moment. So while there have been some fantastic days, right now is pretty alright so I’ll stick with that. 

5. What is your dream travel destination and why?

As much as I’d like to be more imaginative, I’m going to choose a place I’ve already been. My dream is to go back to Canada. I want to go there for a few months and rent a car, travel around as much of the country as I can. When I went before I travelled from Toronto to Vancouver by plane and train, but I don’t think I really saw much in between. I want to go to Banff and Jasper and the Yukon and Vancouver Island and Calgary and Nunavut. I want to see all of it. 

6. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Chill out and just do the thing. I was very anxious when I was younger, and looking back it was a much bigger problem than I realised at the time. There were a lot of things I was more tentative about than I should have been, and I wish I had known at the time that it was within my power to change my own situations. I wish I’d spent less time angry at my friends, too. 

7. What are you favourite song lyrics and why?

Oh my this is a hard one! It depends entirely on my mood, and changes so frequently. At the moment I think it would be this part of South London Forever by Florence and the Machine, because it pretty much sums up millennial life and I FEEL it when she sings these words:

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“And we’re just children wanting children of our own
I want a space to watch things grow
But did I dream too big?
Do I have to let it go?
What if one day there is no such thing as snow?
Oh God, what do I know?”

8. What is your favourite meal to cook/eat?

My boyfriend summed it up once – my favourite food to cook is Mexican, to eat out is sushi, and to order in is Chinese. Though to be honest I love all food, not fussy here at all! If we’re having a night in I do love a nice burrito or enchilada with nachos. Mmmmmm nachos. This is the third time I’ve mentioned nachos in this pot haha!

9. How would your 10 year old self react to who you are today?

Honestly I think 10 year old me would be disappointed, because 10 year old me knew diddly squat about life. When I was ten years old I thought I’d be married with kids by now, with a big house and a successful career. But that’s not what 28 year old me wants at all. In fact as I get older the things I really want is just to be happy, and overall I would say I am. 

10. What is your goal/motive behind blogging?

I really love writing and sharing things from my brain with other people. I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2003, and I’ve used it as a way to connect with people, a place to rant, a place to celebrate, and a place to share. One thing I haven’t managed to do yet is make any money, but that’s okay because I grow a little bit every time I write or interact on social media, and for me that growth and learning of new things and meeting new people is what it’s all about. 

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16 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 14: Twitter Friends Tag”

  1. This was really a great read, the intro to this post was so sweet! !! 😍 The younger me definitely would’ve been disappointed in the current me too cause I expected so much more for myself haha

    1. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I think younger me thought that adults can just do everything, which as we well know is obviously not the case! It’t totally okay for your priorities to change though, especially from the age of ten haha!

  2. I seriously want nachos SO bad right now!! 😂
    I loved your answers, they’re great!
    I just love our group, it’s such fun getting to know each other better. Thank you for tagging me!!

  3. My 10-year-old me sounds like the same as yours lol. But you are right, I didn’t know squat back then and I definitely wouldn’t want now what my 10 year old self wanted. Also, love that your bf knows exactly what type of food and when you want it. Probably helps the inevitable “what should we do for dinner?” question lol!

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