springtime! my spring bucket list

This winter feels like it’s really dragged on, and I’m quite fed up with it. It’s the same every year, in the summer I get too hot and get all excited for cold winter days and snuggling under blankets, but now it’s been winter for three months I’m craving longer days and drinks in the garden. That’s the beauty of the seasons – when you get fed up with one, it changes to the next.

Spring happens to be one of my favourite times of year. I feel the same about Autumn – I love the transition. The feeling that something different is coming along, a good change is on the way. A familiar change. In the spring I enjoy seeing the trees coming back to life, the daffodils peeping above the earth. It’s a time for renewal and optimism. It doesn’t matter how hard the winter was, because spring is here to rescue us.

I suppose it could be a feeling that goes back to our roots, our connection to nature. When we relied on the seasons to bring us food, this would signal the end of the “hungry gap”, when we can start planting again and eating anything other than potatoes (though potatoes are actually the best). Incidentally, planting things is something I will be doing.

This spring I plan to embrace that feeling of renewal and do loads of cool things. To make sure I actually do the things I’ve madeĀ a spring bucket list:

My Spring Bucket List: 1. Plant some seeds - food seeds and flower seeds 2. Go for a walk on the common and see nature coming back to life 3. Have a picnic 4. Take a train to the forest and go stomping in some mud 5. Clean the windows 6. Mow the lawn for the first time 7. Give the house a spring clean 8. Go for a day out at the farm and hold a chick 9. Do some yoga in the garden 10. Dry my washing out in the fresh air 11. Have a morning cup of tea outside 12. Feel the dewy grass between my toes 13. Organise the sheds better 14. Get a bee house 15. Tend to the herb garden 16. Feed the ducks 17. Do a scavenger hunt 18. Visit a nature centre 19. Donate some stuff to charity 20. Hide choccie eggs around the house for an easter egg hunt 21. Get a bird feeder 22. See a bird in the bird bath 23. Chill out under the stars 24. Get a chiminea and have a fire 25. Furnish the garden with lovely things

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