how I’m adopting a healthier lifestyle
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how I’m adopting a healthier lifestyle


I’ve tried pretty much every diet and exercise routine under the sun, and usually lasted no more than a couple of weeks. The thing is, I much prefer sitting down and eating pizza to jumping about and eating a salad. Every diet I’ve tried in my 26 years on this planet has ultimately resulted in the same outcome: me gaining even more weight. Therefore, after much very scientific experimenting, I conclude that diets do not work. Not for the long term anyway.

So, what’s the plan?

Well, I’ve been trying to squeeze exercise in during times of the day when it has no impact on my laziness time. Things such as:

  • doing a wall sit while I brush my teeth
  • squats while the pasta is boiling
  • big lunge steps while walking down the hallway (yes I look silly, but I look silly anyway so I don’t care)
  • doing arm exercises along to music for a few minutes at a time in the evening
  • clam shells when I’m casually chilling out on my side in bed
  • might do a few sit ups before I go to sleep

So far this is going well, because it doesn’t really take up any time. Most of the exercises are done during time that would usually just be lost.

I’ve also been walking to work a lot. I try to do it every day that it isn’t raining, and so far so good. I actually enjoy it. Walking is an exercise that to me, doesn’t feel like exercise. I’ve always loved it. My granddad used to take me for long country walks when I was little (there was always a pub at the end!). Health hasn’t always been a reason for walking, it’s just a nice side effect.

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Walking to work doesn’t take up much more of my day – only ten more minutes than if I get the bus. It doesn’t cost me any money. It burns 350 calories a time – so 700 in a day if I walk to AND from work. I also like having the hour to zone out for a bit, listen to some music, and spend a bit of time lost in thought. I’ve always been a daydreamer. My year seven English teacher once told my mum that I’d never amount to anything because I spent too much time staring out of the window. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with daydreaming (especially as I ended up with an A in English).

I might try one of those fitness challenge thingies again, even though I usually lose momentum after a few days. Last year I tried a plank one, but it was too hard. It might be a good idea to try an easier one and build up more slowly. As long as it’s something that doesn’t eat into my lazy time too much.


What about healthier eating?

I’ve given up chocolate for lent. I’m not a huge chocolate fiend, but it is my go-to if I’m in the shop and I’m peckish. Either that or crisps, but I wasn’t going to give up BOTH. Besides, it’s easier to find healthier crisps than it is to find healthier chocolate alternatives. I actually declined a chocolate bar earlier today from a work colleague. Very proud moment for me. I’m hoping that my 40 days without chocolate will make me realise that I do not need it, and that I DO have will power. I can eat healthier.

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Lunch time at work is quite an easy win for me, as long as I think ahead. If I take food with me, I won’t go to the shop. This week I’ve been taking Greek salad pitta breads, filled with lettuce, tomato, olives and feta. They’re really tasty and healthy. Beats getting a sandwich and a packet of crisps from Tesco anyway. If I am feeling super lazy or pushed for time I’ll get noodle pots to take in with me, and sometimes some fruit to have with it. Basically, if the bad food isn’t already there I won’t seek it out, and I’m trying to take advantage of that.

Dan is also trying to be healthier, which is super helpful because we can encourage each other. We will be less likely to get takeaways if we’re both being healthy. A bit of support from loved ones goes a long way.

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  1. Love the exercise hacks!

    I’m trying to be healthier too but it’s so hard! I’d definitely recommend having a look on Pinterest and looking at exercise hacks and healthy snacks etc 🙂 x

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