Adventures Canada

Travelling requires so much… travel – getting to Toronto

Day 1 of my Canadian adventure I’m on the flight!!!! I’m not sat next to the window this time for the first time ever, but the feeling of being in the sky is still WHOA. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the feeling of zooming through the sky in a metal tube. Think aboutContinue Reading “Travelling requires so much… travel – getting to Toronto”

Adventures Canada

Canada – what I’m planning for my next adventure

  Canada is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I had a bit of an obsession with the TV show Due South when I was in college (still do tbh) which only exacerbated my Canada obsession. The show isn’t actually set in Canada, but Benton Fraser embodies everything I imagine Canada to be. IfContinue Reading “Canada – what I’m planning for my next adventure”

Adventures My Hometown

southampton – my hometown bucket list

  Southampton has been my home my whole life. I have literally never moved away – the longest I’ve spent away from the city was three weeks when I went travelling. Yet there’s so much I’ve not done. It’s an ever-changing place, and the Southampton of my childhood looked nothing like it does today. InContinue Reading “southampton – my hometown bucket list”

Adventures Food My Hometown

exploring Southampton: tasty sushi at Sakura

  Japanese food is right at the top alongside Mexican as one of my favourite genres of food. I adore sushi, so when we wandered down Bedford place once evening and discovered that not one, but TWO new Japanese restaurants had opened up, I was very excited. I have visited Zen many times and alwaysContinue Reading “exploring Southampton: tasty sushi at Sakura”

Adventures Europe

navigating the Madrid metro system

  My arrival in Madrid to start my Big European Adventure was met mainly with excitement. Having realised I wasn’t actually afraid of flying, I spent a brief period of time feeling actually quite relaxed about the whole trip. I enjoyed circling over the brown, parched landscape of Spain as we prepared to land inContinue Reading “navigating the Madrid metro system”


5 tips for packing super light when travelling

When I first laid awake at night thinking about the possibility of travelling, my hyper-planning brain pretty much skipped deciding destinations and went straight to boring practical stuff like “how will I contact home?”, “how will I make sure my money is safe?”, and “what will I take with me?”. I decided pretty early onContinue Reading “5 tips for packing super light when travelling”