Blogtober Day 11: A Spot in My City
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Blogtober Day 11: A Spot in My City

There are a lot of places in my city that I really like. For a mishmash industrial place that was heavily bombed in the war, Southampton does alright aesthetically. I want to choose a place that is pretty as well as calm and peaceful. Crowded places don’t really do it for me, I’d rather be away from the people – by the water or in nature. 

It’s a tough call, between Southampton Common, the parks in the city centre, and the waterfront, but The Common has to be my favourite. The Common is just down the road from my house, and I regularly run there and cycle through. It’s such a great place. There’s so much open space that even at the height of summer you can still find a nice spot for a bbq away from other people. 

The best thing about The Common is how it changes throughout the seasons. It’s teeming with nature, and even has a nature café called The Hawthorns, which also has a nature reserve attached to it with ponds and bird lookouts. 

Pictures will show how awesome The Common is better than my words ever could, so here you go, The Common throughout the seasons:

The Cemetery in spring


The Cemetery in spring


The nicest of the three ponds. The others are nice too though.


We like to watch dogs jumping in here in the summer




The pathway during a summer run


Autumn at the stream


Cycling through on a summer’s evening



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3 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 11: A Spot in My City”

  1. I don’t know why but cemeteries really scare me and I don’t feel comfortable lingering there hahaha. Those are such beautiful pictures!

  2. I love the peacefulness that these pictures display! Although, I can’t do the cemeteries. They’re a bit overwhelming for me.

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