how to have the perfect bath time
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how to have the perfect bath time

how to have the perfect bathtime

Bath time for me is an important part of my self care routine. Nothing compares to a long relax in the tub. Some people think it’s gross to stew in your own filth, but I personally always feel super clean after a good bath. I suppose it feels a bit like I’m cleansing my soul as well as my body.

I like to think I do baths properly. It has to be the full works. I will either have a shower for the purpose of getting clean quickly, or a bath for the purpose of relaxing the filth away. I’ll take ten minutes in the shower, or an hour in the bath, there is no in-between. It’s important to spare some time for yourself.

How to have the perfect bath time:

  1. Lighting

    bath lights are pretty
    The bathroom is your wonderland, your secret cave of delights. It’s important to make it feel as magical as possible. In the old house we had a surface at the end of the bath that was perfect for candles, so naturally that’s was it was almost exclusively used for. In this house we don’t really have anywhere to put candles, so I use waterproof, battery powered fairy lights instead. They’re super simple, I just drape them across the shower and over to the mirror. They give off just the right amount of light, and there’s no fire hazard. Mine are little dragonflies that light up, but normal fairy lights are nice too.
  2. Bubbles

    cool lush stuff
    I don’t understand how people can have baths without bubbles. For me they’re an essential part of the experience. If I’m feeling really indulgent I’ll throw a bath bomb in there too, but only if I’m not washing my hair. My favourite type of bubbles come from Lush (of course!), and I usually go for either The Comforter or Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds bubble bars. I want to try putting oats in the bath too. You can tie some up in some muslin, or put a load in an old sock and it’s supposed to be super good for your skin. I’ve not yet got round to trying this though. Whey is also supposed to be really good. Since I have a new found love for homemade cheese I might try out the whey idea too.
  3. Entertainment

    On my Spotify I actually have a playlist called “bathtime” which is full of relaxing, acoustic songs. Every time I come across a perfect bath song I add it to the list so I don’t have to stress out about choosing something to listen to. Recently though, I’ve been watching Netflix in the bath. I’ve got a little table that folds away into the boiler cupboard which I get out to stand my laptop on. Gilmore Girls is my obsession at the moment, and at 45 minutes long, the episodes are about the right length. After that, I start getting a bit pruney on my fingers and toes, which is a pretty good sign that it’s time to get out.

  4. Refreshments

    Wine is obviously my drink of choice for the bath.  A nice sweet rosé is the perfect companion to a relaxing bubble bath. A fruity cider has gone down very well on a few occasions too. Of course, it doesn’t have to be alcohol to be a good bath drink. I try for something a bit luxurious, like a creamy fruit smoothie or a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top.
  5. Pampering

    A bath is part of my beauty routine as well as my self care routine. “Beauty routine” might be a bit of a lofty way to describe what I do, but I do make a tiny bit of effort. When I have my weekly bath I usually lie back and relax with a face mask on a some deep conditioner for my hair. I don’t get expensive, it’s more about feeling pampered than it is about getting super soft hair and skin – though that is a good side effect!


How do you like to unwind when life’s getting a little too much? Do you have any bathtime tips of your own? Feel free to share in the comments 🙂

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    1. I know, baths are great! I think they’re perfect for a pamper session especially if you live in a busy house, because you can lock the door and no one’s gonna burst your relaxation bubble 🙂

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