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101 things in 1001 days – ultimate short term life goals


101 thing to to goals

As a list maker, I feel complete only when I have a suitable number of lists for things I want/need to do in the near future and the far off future, so the “101 things to do 1001 days” lists that people started writing a few years back naturally appealed to me. I’m the kind of person who needs clear and measurable goals to feel like I’m going somewhere in life, and now I have 101 of them.

My 1001 days is up on Wednesday 12th June 2019 (I’ll be 29… :/ )

plain = not done

italics = in progress

underlined = done

Fitness goals

1. run 5k

2. run 10k

3. run in a running event

4. complete a fitness challenge

5. do a headstand

6. do the forward splits

7. go for a 10 mile walk

8. go for a 20 mile walk

9. do a proper push up

10. do a 1 minute plank

11. do a 2 minute plank

12. go for a 10 mile bike ride

13. go for a 20 mile bike ride

14. lose 10% of my body weight

15. be a healthy weight

16. reach my goal weight

17. swim 20 lengths

18. swim 50 lengths

19. run a half marathon

20. complete bottom fit on Davina fit

Food and drink

21. make meringues with Beckoi

22. make bread with Dan

23. make a croquembouche

24. make jaffa cakes

25. make fondant fancies

26. make pretzels

27. make creme brulee

28. make sushi

29. make doughnuts

30. make croissants

31. catalogue all my recipes

32. drink no alcohol for a month

33. learn how to make 5 cocktails properly

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34. make sloe gin

35. make a meal out of foraged foods

36. go vegan for a week

37. host a dinner party

38. make ice cream

39. make pink lemonade

40. go three months without a takeaway

41. make a birthday cake from scratch

42. make egg custard tarts

43. go to a food festival

Hobbies ‘n’ things

44. learn the Japanese alphabet

45. complete a 30 day drawing challenge

46. make 100 posts on this here blog

47. hit 1000 pageviews

48. hit 10,000 pageviews

49. hit 50,000 pageviews

50. complete a computer game

51. complete the sims legacy challenge

52. do some tie dye

53. finish the cross stitch I’ve been working on for ages

54. make bath bombs

55. write all about my travels

56. memorise my favourite poem

57. complete NaNoWriMo again

58. do an embroidery project

59. finish a crochet project

60. finish a knitting project

61. learn a song on the keyboard

62. read 20 books from the BBC’s top 100 books list

63. watch the imdb top 100 movies

64. sing a song in front of an audience

Adventures and experiences

65. go on a girly holiday

66. go whale watching

67. leave the continent

68. visit Scandinavia

69. see the Northern Lights

70. go camping

71. go on a couple holiday

72. get a proper massage

73. visit Japan

74. visit Canada

75. watch a meteor shower

76. go on a road trip

77. feel the dewy grass between my toes

78. go on the London Eye

79. be in the audience of the TV show

80. go see live comedy

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81. swim with them sea flap flaps

82. walk to Winchester

83. go to Pickwell Farm

84. go foraging

Miscellaneous cool stuff

85. have £5k in savings

86. have £10k in savings

87. get a new job

88. give blood

89. send a postsecret

90. own a car

91. move house

92. write down three good things each day for a month

93. get a tattoo

94. get rid of all my junk

95. stick to a budget for a month

96. complete an online course to learn something new

97. successfully grow a windowsill herb garden

98. get another piercing

99. host a ’90s party

100. get a new towel rail

101. get a proper hair cut

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