getting back to blogging

getting back to blogging

This wasn’t the post I originally intended to write, but here I am writing it. My mojo went away again, I’ve not posted in ages and while I love blogging this seems to be a bit of a cycle and I really don’t know how to break out of it. I’d love to be sat here writing a post about how to break that cycle but I actually don’t know yet. 

Instead I;m going to do some waffling to try and re-find my voice. I have most of a post written about making a rented house into a home, but it all sounds really forced. There’s a boulder in the way of my flow and I need to smash my way right on through it.

I really don’t know how consistent bloggers do it. If any of you have any tips please hit me up because it’s really hard. Sometimes I think I’m really good at writing, then the self-doubt creeps its way back on in and makes it so hard to flow. 

There are a bunch of things I know to try, and I really am trying to take my own advice. Anyone who likes giving advice will know how much harder it is to take it. 

This post is one trick I would recommend to anyone who was stuck in a rut. Just write anything about anything. Find your voice in way that it’s not constrained and tied up to any one thing. 

The lovely Hayley kindly offered me a guest post on her blog as a way to get me all geed up again, but even then my brain froze up completely and suddenly I had absolutely nothing to write about. 

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Hopefully this brain purge going on right here will get me back to it. 

Anyway, here’s a bunch of random photos I’ve taken recently to make visiting this page semi worth it:


We went to a tea room on the way back from Newquay. I want to write about it.
Hosted a nineties party, wanna write about that too.
The Dolphin – a Southampton pub that has recently had a really awesome refurb.
Smudge because he is so cute
Made wagon wheels. Definitely going to blog about bake off.
Newquay was AWESOME. Gonna write about that too,
Next time I’ll just go through my phone pictures for inspiration haha. Also check out that nipnop.
The perfect bean toe finale.


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3 thoughts on “getting back to blogging”

  1. I also wonder how consistent blogger do it too! But then I decided to stop wondering and start imitating. I just resumed blogging as well after a long a$$ break. And while I was on a break I wrote down almost 5 post ready to upload so meaning a month and a week of blogging consistent is already settled, which will allow me to write more blog post in the future. You can also just decide to start writing about anything, and continuously write without editing at least until you’ve reached 500 words so as not to loose focus, that way you can complete a blog post for the week. Your scheduling also matters, if you post twice a week it can be difficult for you if you’re struggling with consistency.
    All the same, looking forward to all these you want to write about.

    1. Yeah I think I need to take a good look at my scheduling. I always try to do too much and end up stressing myself out, then it’s not fun anymore. Even once a week is better than no times a week! Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it 🙂

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