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When I was 12 my English teacher told my mother I’d never amount to anything because I stared out of the window too much. 

To this day I disagree but at age 27 the jury is still out. 

I am the spicy bean: cat lover, food addict, and child of the internet. My burning desire to share my various shenanigans with the world has resulted in a bit of a Blog Habit (I’ve started but quickly abandoned dozens of blogs in my time… if there was an RSPCA for blogs, it would be full of my old unwanted websites). This blog however, will definitely be The One. It is my child, second only in importance to my cats.

Far too much of my time is spent on the internet, much of it in the specific neighbourhood known by some as the Blogosphere (the rest is lost to Reddit and perusing Facebook), and I’ve found that while a lot of the posts I read are quite inspiring, very few of them talk to me as the Typical Millennial. I would say that you could fit the blogs I peruse into two categories:

  1.  “Mommy blogs” – usually stay-at-home mums blogging between taking care of their babies. I commend these ladies – if I had a baby I would probably lay flat in a dark room re-evaluating all my life choices while my child slept, I would definitely not be working. Their blogs are interesting and often helpful, however they’re not for me, the unwed and childless twenty-something. I struggle to take care of myself a lot of the time, and the house I share with four of my adult friends just so we could afford to live somewhere nice and not have to leave the house to hang out together. My world is very different to that of the mommy blogger.
  2. “idealist health and fitness ladies” (technical term obviously). These are the ones written by people who are always in bed by ten o’clock so they can get their morning run in before they eat their fruit and muesli, or drink their super healthy but secretly a bit yucky smoothie, then actually start their super productive day by nine. I will never be that kind of person, and lord knows I have tried. I’ve become a bit tired of that lifestyle being the only one I ever see that’s conducive to “successful people”. Why can’t I get up at ten o’clock to just about catch the lie detector results on Jeremy Kyle while eating four eggs covered in cheese and still be successful at what I do?

This blog, as you may have guessed, will be neither of those types. I am a bit socially awkward, sometimes lazy, and I LOVE me some pizza. And I will never pretend to be anything other than that person. I might one day go a whole month without some pizza (ha) and eat kale and tofu salads (haha) instead, and if I ever do that it will undoubtably be the HARDEST thing I have ever done and I will moan about it endlessly.  To sum me up:

I try to exercise so I can eat terribly unhealthy food sometimes.

I am on a constant journey of trying to feel okay with who I am, and it’s damn hard.

I have dozens of hobbies that I will pick up and drop again intermittently.

Sometimes I try New and Exciting things, but  most of the time I resent change.

I want to travel everywhere and I always have no money because I’m saving for adventures.

I am trying to find my place in a big scary world, and trying to enjoy the journey.

My cats are my life. I am a very proud cat mum.

So there we go. I will write about my travelling adventures and The Exciting Things That I Do, and I will write about fitness and food, and I will also probably write about things like how silly Smudge was at the vets, and how my feety socks seemed to stay on my feet okay when I was in other countries but not while I am at home.

Oh, and maybe I can translate some of that staring out of the window into amounting into *something* 😉

I hope you like it 🙂

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