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Blogtober Day 22: A Look Back At Old Posts

Very recently I did a throwback to my old blog, so today I’m going to do a throwback to some of my favourite and most popular posts on this blog. It’s only fair that this blog gets a bit of attention too. It is my current one after all!

I don’t often go back and read posts on my own blog. After I’ve hit publish that’s usually it, the words are out there and that’s that. But today I am going to face the embarrassment of looking back. Maybe I shouldn’t be embarrassed, but it is my way. 

My first post on this blog:

How I recover from a pizza binge

I remember writing this post, sat at the dining table after eating A LOT of pizza. As my blog was new, not even live yet, I was super excited to be getting started on the next chapter of my blogging life. 

Reading it back, it’s actually an alright post. I’m quite proud of past me and maybe I should never have doubted myself. There are a bunch of things I’d like to go back and edit a bit, bit overall the tips I give are genuinely useful ideas, and things I actually try and do after eating a lot of junk food. However this poor post has only had ten pageviews which isn’t great. That sure has burst my bubble haha

The most popular:

the spicy bean - vegan mince and onion pie recipe -

vegan mince and onion pie recipe

This is by far my most popular post, with over 200 views. I know for some people that’s not much but for me it’s loads. A lot of that traffic has been organic too, which is really good. I wonder how many people have actually made the recipe! No one has said anything so either it’s alright or no one’s tried to make it! I’ve made it, and it was delicious, but I didn’t have to follow my own instructions haha

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The total bummer:

five tips for packing super light when travelling

When I wrote this I thought I was writing something really useful to people, but only four people have ever read it! So maybe it is useful, but no one knows… They’re all tips from when I travelled Europe with just a regular sized backpack – not even a proper backpackers one. So I know they really work! I’m surprised that’s my bummer post actually, I think it needs a tidy up and a bit of promotion. 

My personal favourite:

the spicy bean - a black cat lays nestled amongst a very comfy quilt

just ten photos to remind you that black cats are wonderful

Well it’s just a bunch of photos of my cat, which is why it’s my favourite post! One of the simplest ones I’ve ever done, and maybe I should have chosen something where I thought I wrote particularly well or gave a lot of really good information. But no, my wonderful cat tops the lot. Also I wrote it for black cat day, which is something I think is very important. All cats deserve to be loved. 

The most loved:

Blogtober Day 14: Twitter Friends Tag

I’m really glad this is my most loved, because it’s all about my twitter friends and I love them, so naturally this post deserves the most love. It has 16 comments and 7 likes. Again, probably not a lot for some people, but for me that’s amazing. And I couldn’t have done it without my lovely twitter friends all building me up and giving me tonnes of support. They’re n awesome bunch and are the only reason I’ve got this far through Blogtober. 

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  1. This is such a great idea! What fun to look back at your old posts. I’ll be checking out the backpacking post next, I can’t believe only four people read it! It sounds incredibly useful.💕

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