Blogtober Day 21: Share Your Favourite Playlist
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Blogtober Day 21: Share Your Favourite Playlist

It’s hard to sum up my music taste. There’s a load of really eclectic music that I love, but I suppose if I had to pigeonhole it, my music taste would primarily be noughties emo, punk rock, and heavy metal. Though I do also really enjoy the likes of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Heck, I recently started to enjoy Dua Lipa. 

So yes, mu music taste is really diverse, and my Starred list on Spotify kinda shows that. A bunch of my favourite bands are on there, like Rise Against, System of a Down and Flyleaf. Oh, I also really love Eurovision so there are my favourite songs from Eurovisions Past as well. 

This playlist is a pretty good summary of my music taste. Most of these songs have some kind of memory attached or particular meaning to me. Here are a few examples:

The Sound of Silence by Disturbed 

I first heard this song performed by Disturbed at Download Festival 2016, and it quite literally took my breath away. I remember standing on the hill in the rain by the burrito van surrounded by fellow festival goers. Everyone was swaying and people had their lighters in the air. It was perfect and it kinda brings a tear to my eye just writing about it now. 

People Live Here – Rise Against

The lyrics of this song really get into my soul and make me really think about the state of the world. It really resonates given the things that have been going on across the pond, and I listened to it a lot in despair when Trump became president. It’s not the kind of song that makes you feel better about things, but it’s great for when  you want to wallow for a bit. These are the most poignant lyrics to me:

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My gun is bigger than yours
So let’s arm the masses
And see what the bastards do then
Walking tall once set us apart
Now we’re down on all fours


From the coffins full of kindergartners
Is this what you call free?
From the hate that drips from all your crosses
Are your hands so clean?

Euphoria – Loreen 

Only the BEST Eurovision song ever. Eurovision is one of the main events of the year as far as I’m concerned, and I do actually have a specific playlist for it. However my truly favourite songs make their way onto the Starred list. Eurovision songs, and this song in particular, just remind me of having the BEST time with my friends at the annual Eurovision party, and it’s nice to be taken back to those times.

Here’s the whole playlist:

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3 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 21: Share Your Favourite Playlist”

  1. I love your music taste! It reminds me so much of mine. I love that there’s a Taylor Swift song amongst all of the screamy music haha. Also I had no idea you could share playlists like this!!! Awesome post xx

  2. My tastes in music are eclectic too (or “well rounded”, as I like to say!😉) I love The Sound Of Silence, and the lyrics you quoted from People live here took my breath away! I’ll definitely be looking that song up!

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