Food This Month Veganuary

becoming vegan: six surprising challenges

The weirdest thing just happened. There are cookies in the kitchen at work. A whole box of chocolate cookies, including my favourite – white choc chip, just sitting there waiting to be eaten. Just over a month ago them cookies would have been in my mouth before you could say “they’re for everyone!”. But todayContinue Reading “becoming vegan: six surprising challenges”

Food This Month Veganuary

veganuary – my favourite foods so far

It’s been nearly two weeks since I gave up dairy, and I’ve actually not really struggled at all. As a long-time cheese addict and crazy egg lady I thought I’d have a few cravings, but nope. Nothing. There’s so much tasty vegan food out there that I’ve not really missed anything. Eating at home, atContinue Reading “veganuary – my favourite foods so far”


veganuary – why I’m giving up dairy for a month

I’ve been pescatarian for nearly ten years now – for anyone who doesn’t know this means I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish and dairy. Basically a vegetarian plus fish. When I was a teenager I was very attuned to political and ethical issues, but unfortunately as I’ve got older I’ve stopped beingContinue Reading “veganuary – why I’m giving up dairy for a month”