Blogtober Day 6 – A Tour of my Home
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Blogtober Day 6 – A Tour of my Home

We’ve lived in our house for nearly two years now, and I’ve yet to do a tour post! For a bit of background, I live with four other people. Two of which I’ve known since I was eleven years old, one I’ve known since I was sixteen, and the other is the partner of one of my friends.

The three girls have been my best friends for years, and it’s funny looking back to when we were younger and in our naivety we’re talk about how we’d all live together one day. Well, maybe not so naive, because here we are! It’s not traditionally the “done thing” to live in a house share in your late twenties, but expensive housing has made it necessary for many people. We’re lucky we ended up sharing with people who are more like family than friends. 

And we really are like a little family! To the point that we were outraged when our landlady had to get our house registered as a house of multiple occupancy because we’re sharers. Actual families are exempt, but we’re not legally a family so our house still needs to have a license. 

Despite house prices playing a part, our living arrangement is more of a lifestyle choice than a financial one. We don’t have to leave the house to socialise, we’re all right here! And we do everything in our pyjamas. AND no one has to go home at the end of the night, we just roll to our beds! Such a great setup. 

Now for a tour of our wonderful, unconventional family home.

Come on in…

Welcome to our home! We call it the Bean House…  Come on in through our wonderfully blue front door. 

When we moved into this house we had two house cats, one of which was very slippery and thought he could totally make it on the outside. Luckily We have this handy inside door, so you can open the front door to enter the house and not risk losing a cat, or a dog now. 

The layout is pretty standard. You enter into the hallway, the living room is the first room at the front of the house, then you’ve got what I think was a study but is now my bedroom. At the back is our kitchen diner, which opens out onto the garden. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, one with en suite, and a family bathroom with storage. Oh, and the handy dandy utility cupboard. 

After eight years of living in a first floor flat, having our own front door is awesome. And not having to carry heavy shopping up the stairs is double awesome! The Tesco man usually just takes our crates through to the kitchen now. That’s NO carrying for me! I wouldn’t ever go back to living in a flat if I can help it. 

The Living Room

This is the one room we’re making an effort to use a bit more. Bed is hands-down the best place in the world, but you can’t spend ALL your time there. I got into a bad habit of getting into my bed as soon as I got home from work, and staying there until the next morning. Now I struggle to get to sleep at night because my brain doesn’t associate  bed with sleep, it associates bed with watching TV, studying, blogging, surfing the web, eating – basically all the awake activities. 

So from now on I’m spending more time in our lovely living room. We’re lucky to have such a nice communal room, and we should use it. Sometimes we watch TV in here together, like on Tuesday evenings at the moment we all watch Bake Off. Now the weather is getting colder I hope we chill here more. There are TWO radiators in this room! It’s super cosy!

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This is my current cosy spot:

And this is my view:


My Bedroom

Yep, I am inviting you into my bedroom! Obviously my favourite room of the house. It contains my bed, which is my favourite place in the whole world. 

Being the only person who sleeps downstairs is sometimes a bit spooky, and means I answer to door to a lot of takeaways. But it has waaaay more benefits than drawbacks. For one, I am very close to the kitchen, where the food is, all the time. The tea making facilities are really close as well, also a bonus.

The best bit is that I have my very own back door out onto the garden. In the summer I have this open pretty much all the time that I’m home. I love it. Some people have balconies, I have an entire garden attached to my bedroom!

The view from my room:

My favourite place in the world, featuring my new pillow that has come in super handy this week while I’ve had a cold. Also my desk for when I want to do Serious Work:

I really love that bedding. It’s Mexican cats – what’s not to love?! I really need to change it to my spooky cats bedding though, given the time of year and all. It will be Big Quilt time soon too! So excited for colder weather and bigger quilts! Oh, it rained earlier which is why there’s an umbrella chilling out in the corner there. 

As you can tell I’m very much not a minimalist. I like to be surrounded by many nice things and loads of colour. My house has to feel like it’s  really my home, so I put stuff on the walls – like that big map above my bed. That’s actually an oldy time map of the area of the country I’m from. My desk is surrounded by colourful and motivational bits and pies. I’ve got a bunch of stuff from Dorkface there, I love her stuff and her blog is awesome!

That’s probably enough about my bedroom anyway…

The Kitchen

In our last place the kitchen was tiny and a nightmare. The fridge freezer was in the living room at the other end of the flat because it physically didn’t fit in the kitchen. Yep. You get used to things over time, but it was SO nice when we moved here and we got this DELIGHTFUL kitchen. We have not only one fridge freezer in this kitchen, but also an additional fridge and and additional freezer! Wow!

It’s so nice having enough space to actually cook and bake stuff without being surrounded by precarious piles of stuff, or putting stuff on the floor. Sometimes three of us will all be cooking at the same time and it’s fine. 

One thing that wasn’t on our “essentials” list when we were looking for a place to live was a dishwasher. Well, it should have been because we have one and seriously I don’t think we could do without it. With so many people cooking and eating every day it would be ridiculous doing all that washing up. Besides, dishwashers are a much more efficient way to clean the dishes. 

We are all very big tea fans, so I wanted to show you our Very Extra hot drinks making corner. That glass cupboard is full of tea, and this isn’t even all of it:

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Oh and my favourite part of the kitchen, the bit that makes me feel really posh and like I’m doing well in life. The pantry!

The kitchen is probably the hub of our home at the moment. It’s the one room where we’re often all together in one place. Despite living together it is sometimes hard getting us together, especially when we’re all busy. This is the one room where we can’t avoid it though. No matter how much of a bad day I’m having, or how much I want to avoid people, I always end up chatting in the kitchen with one of my housemates. That’s pretty awesome.

Out to the Garden

I wrote a post about our garden in Spring, which pretty much covers garden stuff. It looks a bit dreary out there at the moment, so I’ve found a bunch of pictures from earlier in the year to show you how nice it sometimes looks.

I seriously love our garden. It has clearly been looked after well before we lived here, so all we need to do really is maintain what we have. We have added a few pots onto the ledge with flowering plants to attract the bees. Unfortunately a lot of our flowers are dying off now it’s getting colder, but it will bloom beautifully again in the spring. 

That gazebo is honestly one of the best gazebos in the world. It’s survived so many storms and hasn’t broken at all. On my birthday this year I had a bunch of people round, and honestly nothing really planned other than watching one my favourite movies. There was a MASSIVE thunderstorm and we all ended up under the gazebo watching the storm and listening to the rain. Thanks for the entertainment, nature!

Also really good for taking the dog out for her peeps and poops when the weather is a bit rubbish. We can chill out under the gazebo while she pops over to the grass, then we can dry her off before going back inside. 


This is the realm of my housemates. Other than the bathroom all the rooms upstairs are other people’s bedrooms, and it would probably be a bit weird to invite you into their bedrooms too! 

Our bathroom is awesome though. The bath is amazing, and I have had many a wonderful bathtime in there. There’s also a boiler cupboard attached to the bathroom which has plenty of space for all our bath stuff. Seriously, we went from a flat with ZERO storage to a house with two under-stair cupboards, a pantry, an attic, and a flippin’ boiler cupboard! Oh, and two sheds! So spoilt for storage!


I love our house a lot and I never want to leave. So to finish off here’s a list of my favourite things about our house:

  1. The two sheds, and being able to very easily put my bike in one of them 
  2. Having my own back door to the garden
  3. The pantry
  4. Big bath, big enough for my big bottom
  5. Having a blue front door, not a boring white one
  6. Being allowed TWO pets
  7. Period features like high ceilings, huge windows and a fireplace
  8. We have a sky light so the landing isn’t dark
  9. Having exactly the right amount of grass – big enough to enjoy but not annoying to mow
  10. Utility cupboard featuring washing machine AND tumble dryer, but hidden away!


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  1. Oh my god I am IN LOVE with your house! This is literally like my dream. I adore all the comfyness and cushions and crafts and plants! Oh wowowowow let me move in with you!

  2. You have such a lovely home! It’s awwsome that you share your personal space with everyone. I’ve considered doing this but every time I decide to, I change my mind at the last minute!

  3. I love your house! It’s got so much character, and your cozy spot looks fabulous!the view from your window is like a postcard. Thanks for the peek inside!

  4. Love your house, thank you for the peek inside! The view from your room looks like a postcard!😍

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