Adventures My Hometown

southampton – my hometown bucket list

  Southampton has been my home my whole life. I have literally never moved away – the longest I’ve spent away from the city was three weeks when I went travelling. Yet there’s so much I’ve not done. It’s an ever-changing place, and the Southampton of my childhood looked nothing like it does today. InContinue Reading “southampton – my hometown bucket list”

Adventures Food My Hometown

exploring Southampton: tasty sushi at Sakura

  Japanese food is right at the top alongside Mexican as one of my favourite genres of food. I adore sushi, so when we wandered down Bedford place once evening and discovered that not one, but TWO new Japanese restaurants had opened up, I was very excited. I have visited Zen many times and alwaysContinue Reading “exploring Southampton: tasty sushi at Sakura”

Adventures Europe

navigating the Madrid metro system

  My arrival in Madrid to start my Big European Adventure was met mainly with excitement. Having realised I wasn’t actually afraid of flying, I spent a brief period of time feeling actually quite relaxed about the whole trip. I enjoyed circling over the brown, parched landscape of Spain as we prepared to land inContinue Reading “navigating the Madrid metro system”


5 tips for packing super light when travelling

When I first laid awake at night thinking about the possibility of travelling, my hyper-planning brain pretty much skipped deciding destinations and went straight to boring practical stuff like “how will I contact home?”, “how will I make sure my money is safe?”, and “what will I take with me?”. I decided pretty early onContinue Reading “5 tips for packing super light when travelling”