how to bounce back after a weight gain

how to bounce back after a weight gain

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My first week at Slimming World was amazing. I was SUCH a good girl with my food, I exercised all the time, and as a result I was rewarded with a seven pound loss. What an AWESOME feeling! I got my half stone award! and a STICKER! Not much motivates me quite like a shiny sticker.

Week two got the better of me. I gained a pound and a half. I GAINED. There was a whole lot of naughtiness. I deserved it. That pound and a half was made from a whole packet of Lotus biscuits, a pizza, and a whole load of marshmallows. A Very Poor Show indeed. Also my bike has a puncture so I’ve not exercised anywhere near as much as I should have done.

Gaining weight when trying to lose it can be very demoralising. I feel like I’ve set myself back by two weeks – now I need to lose what I’ve gained on top of EVERYTHING ELSE I need to lose. It was so tempting to walk out and not stay to group. I did expect the gain because of the indiscretions with the biscuits etc. but it’s still hard to see it on the scales. Especially after week two, after doing so well in week one. I know I CAN do it, I just… didn’t this time.

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So how did I get back on track?

It;s only one week out of many

This is SO SO important. One bad week does not undo all the good work for the weeks to come. If anything it was a kick to make sure I focus for the coming weeks. I can’t just wing it, because the scales will always speak the truth. The biscuits and pizza will be there to haunt me. I’m glad I learnt that lesson early on. This week is a new week, as as such I will be sticking to plan and filling up on so much healthy food.

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Realise what went wrong

I know exactly what went wrong. It’s really not hard to pin the gain on the gluttony of a hungry girl. Well, I wasn;t even hungry. Greedy. I was greedy. But, I KNEW that if I bought a packet of biscuits I wouldn’t just eat two. Well, I started with two, and then two more and so on until they were all gone. I should have listened to myself and not even bought them. But I know now for the future – I DO NOT have the willpower to ignore an open packet of biscuits.

And realise what’s important

For me this is EXERCISE. I truly believe that my first week was only so successful because I was exercising every day. I enjoy it, and it does influence what I eat too. When I’m cycling and running I feel more compelled to fuel my body in a good way. I have the willpower not to eat as soon as I get home so I can go for a run, because I love running. Few things give me the willpower to say no to food.

Most importantly, remember why you started

Losing weight is hard. It sometimes feels like your body is trying to clinging onto the fat. I suppose it probably is, since in the olden days it was good to have some extra mass when the food became scarce. We don’t have that problem anymore, so we have to find ways to make our bodies okay with shedding the chub. I will continue on the journey is making my body healthy inside and out, and finally liking how I look. I can’t wait to feel fantastic.

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