how to survive your first week of Slimming World

how to survive your first week of Slimming World

how to survive week 1 of slimming world
It’s been a week since I once again darkened the doorway of a Slimming World group. The first week’s weigh-in is arguably the scariest, as the expectations are so high. I’ve seen people lose RIDICULOUS weight in their first week, but I’ve also seen people lose bugger all. You don’t know until you’re on the scales, though.

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I had the advantage of being a Slimming World veteran. I’ve tried it many, many times and tried all the different plans. The first time I did it I lost loads of weight doing the old plan – red days and green days. I liked that plan because as a veggie I just did green days all the time. Extra Easy is easier though. I suppose it would be, based on the name. You get to have a waaaaaay bigger variety of foods as free foods, but you do get fewer healthy extras.

The plan has been okay for me this week. The Slimming World fairy has blessed me with the wisdom of a veteran, and I’ve dusted off a few of the old favourites. Mostly LOADS of pasta with a ratatouille sauce. I love pasta. Pasta is life. I also make a MEAN Slimming World chilli, which I will be having some point soon. There are a few things I’ve done to make my first week a bit easier, and it’s good to share, sooo….

Here are my best tips for surviving your first week of Slimming World:


    1. Have a really good look through the free foods and highlight all your faves. Next, go the shop and stock your kitchen. Stock up on loads of stuff you can snack on. Buy tonnes of fruit, boil up a load of potatoes and mix them with some fat free yoghurt, spring onions and mustard powder. Make a pasta salad. Keep all this in the fridge for when you’re hungry and eat as much as you need to feel full. Then you won’t feel like picking on the naughty stuff.
    2. Find a bunch of recipes you like the sound of. I’m lucky that we have loads of Slimming World recipe books in our house, but you can also find loads online. Or get the magazine. Or, just look in the book you get when you join. Cook yourself some really tasty Slimming World meals. The whole point is that there’s so much food you can eat in unlimited amounts that there are SO many meals you can still eat, with little or no substitutes.


    1. Make a plan. Now you have your list of foods you enjoy, meals you’ll love, make sure you’re prepared for your hungry times. I know I get hungry between meals, no matter how much I eat, so I make sure I have fruit to hand while I’m at work to stave off the hunger. Also eating a lot of protein rich foods will help keep hunger at bay. Loads of eggs, fish, meats, quorn will keep you going for ages.
    2. Try to incorporate a little bit of exercise. Do a bit of extra walking, or find an easy yoga video on YouTube. Anything to get moving a little bit. It really will make all the difference to your weight loss, and make you feel really good.


  1. Remember, this is week one of a journey. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING at once. You will slip up, you will go over your syns sometimes. The best thing to do is record it on your food diary and move on. Just make sure you’re not leaving yourself hungry, because you really don’t have to on Slimming World. And if you don’t see a huge loss in your first week, that’s fine. The important thing is that you’re doing it, and you stick with it.
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So, that’s how I got through my first week. I had the advantage of having done it before, and once you get into the swing of it, it really does get easier. The first and most successful time I did Slimming World it became a habit. After a few months, it actually became quite automatic. Eventually I did slip back into my old ways of wine and pizza, but it took a while. I can’t wait to get to that point again, when healthy eating is a way of life, not a diet.


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