why I’m returning to Slimming World again

I am returning to slimming world
After many months of trying to lose weight by adopting a “healthy lifestyle” I am heavier than ever. Turns out I don’t really know what a healthy lifestyle means, at least not in the context of weight loss. It’s important to look at health as a whole, not just as one thing – in this instance weight. And I know that it means keeping active, self care, and eating a balanced diet. But the thing I can’t seem to nail out of those three is the balanced diet part. I exercise regularly now, more than I ever have before in fact, but that alone is not enough for weight loss. Especially not with the habits I can’t seem to break.

The trouble is, I LOVE food. Food is life. I maintain that the food lovers among us are better prepared for the impending dystopian hellscape lifestyle. But things that should be treats have become the norm – takeaways, cakes, sweeties….  and no amount of eating a salad for lunch will counteract the damage all that does to my body. Trust me, I WISH I was one of those fabulous ladies that’s comfortable at any size. There are so many confidently beautiful people on my insta feed. I wish I could be them. But I’m not.

slimming world

There are a whole load of demons I don’t want to fight in order to achieve the status of BoPo goddess. I hate that I barely fit into Primark clothes anymore, and I DEFINITELY can’t shop in H&M. My wardrobe is full of beautiful clothes I’ve hardly worn because I out-fatted them too quickly. The feel of fabric resting on my rolls and stretching around my Extra Parts when I’m sitting down is horrible. Knowing that I’m technically too heavy for my bike worries me. Being too heavy to do certain activities is soul crushing. And I won’t do it anymore. I can’t do it anymore.

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So, Slimming World it is. Back in 2012 I lost two and a half stone (I think) following the plan at home. Myself and my housemate did REALLY well. Since then I’ve tried again probably a dozen times and never quite had the same success. That’s why I decided the plan didn’t work for me. But it MUST. I’ve done it before! When I last weighed myself I had to sit down and have a Big Long Think about what to do next. Slimming World may have not worked several times, but it is still the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me, besides being a teenager, which unfortunately I can’t just pay for a subscription for.

slimming world

After much analysis of why Slimming World became the enemy, I’ve made a plan. The main reason I’ve got frustrated in the past and given up is that it feels like you have to do it forever. No cakes ever again without counting syns. No more Papa Johns ever. Completely guilt-free buffets out of the window. And I just end up thinking “I can’t do this”. Hell, I want to LIVE my life, I want to EAT my life. So here’s the solution: I get a 12 week countdown membership. Then I’ll HAVE to go for 12 weeks because I’ve paid for it, and I won’t feel like I’m doing it FOREVER. Then at the end of the 12 weeks, I can keep going, or I can be happy with what I’ve lost and go eat a cake.

Sometimes trying to imagine a problem all in one go is too big. The amount of weight I want to lose overall is too big. I’m going to do it right this time and start with one small step. Walking through that door again and committing to losing whatever I can for a defined period of time – 12 weeks. Then in my moments where it’s hard and I feel like quitting, all I have to think is “it’s only 12 weeks”.

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I’m looking forward to eating A LOT, but also losing weight. Really, I’m hoping that weight falls off because I do not like it. The only think I think now might trip me up is wanting too much too soon. I need to adjust my expectations so I’m not disappointed at weigh in. It’s better to lose more than expected, so I’m going to get in the mindset that anything off is a step in the right direction.

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4 thoughts on “why I’m returning to Slimming World again”

  1. Hi there! I suspect you’ve probably already joined for your 12 weeks subscription, but I’m writing this in case you haven’t… I’m going to write this comment fast as I really need to get to work, but I want to share something!
    I am neither super skinny nor super big, but I am a happy, healthy, size 14 ish girl, who is 30. I have dieted for years, not because I’m unconfident – I truly am – but because I wanna stick in high street sizes and feel MY best – that is different for everyone.
    SLimming clubs don’t work. I’m sorry, that’s brutal to read. They often do OK,. but they have a business plan that is to keep you returning. I have done WW, and SW, and often lost weight, got to goal, put on MORE weight REPEAT. You need to find something that satisfies what you’re wanting to eat…
    I could talk in more detail – feel free to reply – but my wife and I (she has lost three stone, me about 1) we started by picking up the Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet book – or search dopamine diet, and now are leading ourselves more directly towards a KETOGENIC diet – read up – it’s interesting.
    The problem is SUGAR, NOT FAT. It’s hard to believe but it’s true… anyway, good luck whatever you do, I’m sure this comment is probably too full on, but I wanna share with someone – happy to answer any questions,
    Holly xxx
    PS. I too LOVE food, I bake and own a cafe for a living – I’m not some skinny girl who hates food – it is my life!
    LATEST::: ///

    1. Hi Holly! Thanks for your advice, much appreciated 🙂 I’ve tried keto before and the weight did come off, but it also made me feel hangry ALLLL the time. I guess it’s a sugar addiction thing – I just couldn’t go cold turkey on carbs unfortunately. I also don’t eat meat, which meant a whole section of protein rich food was just unavailable to me, which probably made it harder. My boyfriend is actually doing it at the moment though and seeing great results, so you never know, if it does turn out that Slimming World really isn’t for me I might give it another go. I suppose different things work for different people.

      1. Ahhh hi you replied- oh gosh, I hope you didn’t find my comment overbearing. That makes sense if you don’t eat meat.
        I’m doing it and feeling the least hungry ever, because for me eating proper real food, with fat, is so much more satisfying. And I know so good for me inside.
        Hope it goes well for you. Hope my comment wasn’t too much xx

        1. Not at all, it’s nice to read about other people’s journeys and perspectives 🙂 I’m glad you’ve found the diet that works for you, I hope I do too eventually!

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