from couch potato to fit potato – my fitness journey
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from couch potato to fit potato – my fitness journey

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Exercise has never really been my thing. In fact it’s so not my thing that in year 7 I was graded the worst in the class in PE. I got a level 2 – I got better than that in my year 2 SATS tests! I was always one of those kinds who excelled at everything except PE. It’s like all the fitness and hand-eye co-ordination was reallocated to subjects where you get to be sitting down. Because let’s face it, sitting down trumps snapping your fingers off playing netball in winter any day.

There was a brief stint when I was an Energetic Teenager when I tried running, and I did a lot of cycling. I also lost loads of weight, though I didn’t appreciate it at the time. The running was short lived, however, and the cycling stopped when I left home and moved within walking distance of everywhere I ever needed to be. And that was that. Each year my figure has resembled a potato a little more, until eventually I reached my final form. The Truest Potato. Or is this my final form? We shall never know, because I aim to go back to being an Energetic Teenager, but the adult version.

Turns out the adult version of an Energetic Teenager is actually a potato that grunts a lot and complains about things like “my back aches” and ” my body is so stiff” and “ouch”. But, the fact is I am a Sporty Person now. Since starting couch to 5k over a year ago I have decided that I tolerate running. On a good day I even LIKE running. I never really finished the couch to 5k plan because the app changed to something rubbish, but I did keep up running at my own pace.

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Determined to keep exercising an improving, I gave myself an unavoidable incentive. One evening while sat in my comfy bed, enjoying being inside and very lazy, I signed up for the Great South Run. This particular run is TEN MILES. Yep, my first Proper Run is ten miles. None of this 5k nonsense, I’m going for a ten mile run. I’ve never done things by halves.

The only thing keeping me going is the cats. I’m raising money for Cats Protection and I cannot let them down. Cats are probably the only thing on this planet that I would run ten miles for. You can read more about my insane love of cats in this blog post.

I haven’t lost weight, but I know I’m getting fitter. Weight isn’t everything. I can run further, I can cycle faster, I can feel my body changing. There are MUSCLES under this flab! And muscles burn calories more than fat, so I am heading in the right direction. More muscles = more biscuits, right?

Anyway, it would mean SO much if you could share or donate to my Great South Run challenge. I really want to help the cats, and I really want all this aching to be worth it!


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