Blogtober Day 25: Favourite Fitness Resources
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Blogtober Day 25: Favourite Fitness Resources

Fitness is something I’ve really got into over the past few years. I’ve never been an athletic person, and when I was younger I hated sports. Imagine your classic nerd, that was me. As a kid I was very brainy but very un-sporty. Over the years I have attempted different sports, mostly forceably in PE lessons, and I hated most of them. Maybe it was the circumstances more than the actual sport that I hated, but it sure made an impression. 

Thinking about it, I literally can’t think of a time I’ve done a team sport voluntarily, and as an adult I seriously believe this had an impact on my personality. As an only child I do not work well with others, I am a bit of a loner really. I do like having people around but when it comes to actually doing stuff I thrive more as a singular person than as part of a team. That is not something I would ever admit to an employer!

So when it comes to fitness, I’m into the things you do on your own. Sometimes it’s nice to have company, but by and large my exercise time is also my meditation time. As someone who never thrived at sports, I needed a little help getting going when I decided it was time to stop being a potato and start looking after myself a bit better. These are the things that got me going and have kept me going.

Yoga with Adrienne


It took me a while to get into yoga videos, but I found I really enjoyed the warm-down yoga flow of my Davina DVD. For a few years I literally did this same flow over and over again. This was before  you could find anything you could possibly think of on YouTube. I even bought a yoga DVD which I absolutely hated.The flows were much too fast and it was all very serious. It didn’t focus on the meditative benefits of yoga at all.

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When I finally discovered the joys of YouTube it still took me a while to find a yoga channel that stuck. Many of them bored me and I’d end up turning them off before the end. Then one day I got lucky and stumbled upon Yoga with Adrienne.

This is how I really got into yoga. Before I found Adrienne’s channel, it was all just dabbling. Now I know a bunch of yoga flows off by heart, I get on my mat so regularly that I actually need a new one now. Yoga makes me feel GREAT.

Adrienne really focuses on the holistic benefits of yoga. It makes you strong and it makes you bendy, but it can also have a great effect on your mood. This is something I so desperately need sometimes. And every video has variations so you don’t have to feel out of your depth at any point. It’s a very relaxed approach which makes yoga accessible to the masses. I never feel inadequate when I struggle a but with a pose. 

There are also a bunch of 30 day challenges and videos for everything you could possibly want. I try to do yoga in the mornings, and the ten minute morning flows are perfect for this when I’m a bit stuck for time. There’s something for everyone and at every point in your journey. 

Couch 2 5k Nyberg

If it weren’t for couch to 5k I would never have got into running. As a very unfit person I believed I could never do it. Every time I went for a run I got a couple of minutes in before dragging myself convinced I was going to die. Obviously if I’m going to die I want to do it in bed, not in the street, so that’s how I ended every attempt at running.

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Then I discovered C25K. It builds you up really slowly over 8 or 12 weeks, from running for a minute at a time  to eventually running 5k in 30 minutes. You can get apps and podcasts that will help you through it, giving you prompts and keeping time for the different intervals. I used the old NHS Live Well C25K app, which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately it’s been replaced and I didn’t get on with the new one. 

Runkeeper is pretty good though as a replacement running app. You don’t get all the words of encouragement as it’s a bit more serious, but you can get different workouts on there and it logs your speed, distance and route. I paid for the app so I can get access to a whole bunch of different workout plans, which was super helpful when I was training for the Great South Run. 

Yep, I went from C25K to doing the 10 mile Great South Run. That’s how good it is! I know loads of people who’ve done C25K and it really does help if you want to get into running. And running is great – it’s completely free and it gets you outside!

You can see the C25K plan I did here: NHS Couch to 5k Week by Week


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  1. I so needed this post! Thanks to some horrible prescription medication I was on while I was ill, I’ve gained 18 pounds!!! Ugh! I’m going to check these out. Thank you for the Fitspo!

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